Sadie Kaye is a Hong Kong writer, performer, filmmaker and podcaster. She makes quirky little podcasts, cheeky docs, and comic slots for RTHK Radio 3. She can currently be heard performing her humour column, “Sharp Pains”, on The 123 Show. Some of her radio columns have also been published in the South China Morning Post. Her absurdist “3 Terrifying Short Stories” about the deranged, sleep-deprived parents of twins were published in the 2021 festive edition of Post Magazine. She contributed short stories and a poem to anthologies published in 2021 and hopes very much to continue this trend in 2022.

Sadie attended her first WiPS event at Christmas. She fully intended to attend the Imprint 20 Zoom launch, but despite several reminders, and reminders about the reminders, still managed to muddle up the time of the event. She has bipolar disorder and ADHD but doesn’t believe in using neurodiversity as an excuse – unless strictly necessary.

Sadie is passionate about reimagining mental health. Many of her podcasts, docs and films have taken an unusual approach to a mental health theme. She loves interviewing weird and wonderful people doing weird and wonderful things in her “Mental Ideas Podcast”. If you identify with “weird”, please get in touch! The chances are she knows where you live anyway and is standing outside your flat right now. She is founder of nonprofit groups Mental Ideas, Bipolar Hong Kong, and Home Kong Kitchen.

Her life motto is you’re only young once, but you can be immature forever.

Sadie’s “Bake Fail” for radio was chosen recently as one of New York’s On Air Fest 2022 “Official Selects”. First in the list, Sadie offers advice to anyone contemplating a Hong Kong staycation. Do listen!