Building Your Writer’s Profile — One Publication at a Time

Wednesday, 26 September at the FCC

Many thanks to Celia Claase for a wonderful evening with WiPS at the FCC. She inspired us to think about who we are as writers, consider our potential audience, and suggested different platforms to explore to launch our work into the world.

Imprint Submission Workshop

Saturday, 1 September at the JW Marriott

Many thanks to Jenny Eagleton for braving the weather and leading a few WiPS members in a session to workshop their submissions for Imprint 18. For those who could not attend, there is still time to work on your submission before the deadline of 30 September. Further submission guidelines may be found here.

Give Voice to Your Story: How to Read to an Audience

It’s not often that the FCC is full of so many people practicing vocal exercises and working to improve their vocal variety. Many thanks to David Pope of All Voice Talent for sharing his time and talent with WiPS. Hopefully, with a bit of practice, we’ll be better prepared to share our work with the world. Thanks also to the 
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