Our Work

Our Work

Luck Be a Lobster

By Rachel Andrews   Michaela Winter sipped her coffee and prayed that the phone would not ring. It was amazing she still found time to paint, such were the other demands on her time. Would she be interested in a residency in Seoul? Could she comment on cuts to public funding for the visual arts? Could she judge a student art competition? It was for charity, and it would really raise their profile if she would agree to be involved. It was a huge departure from ten years ago, when [...]

Famine’s Claws

By Nirmala Nagarajan   “Rina didi, Rina didi, don’t leave. Please don’t go. Please.” Her two younger brothers sobbed, as their bony hands tightened their grasp around eleven-year-old Rina. She had to wrench herself free and clamber into the waiting bus. She rushed in, clutching her red cloth bag, nimbly weaved her way through the crowd and found a window seat while other passengers shoved, pushed and tried to force themselves on-board. Once she’d squeezed herself into the seat, her eyes searched for her brothers, who now stood clinging to [...]

Childhood River

By Barbara Gregor   My aunt died at eighty-nine. She stayed on the farm on the river tending her shrinking gardens as long as she could. Younger sister, youngest cousin. Last of her generation. Let us go back to remember together, meet the grown children of cousins, my sister said.   It took a day and two planes to fly across a continent written over with cultivation and irrigation and roads, fields like circuit boards, grids of green and dust, flashes of silver from a roof or a tank.   [...]