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    • Skill
    • Polly Yu

    • Director
    • Other Skills
    • Polly Yu Production Ltd
    • Polly provides rapid and efficient layout and design with competitive rates. Her major clients include the Hong Kong Gardening Society (The Gardener Hong Kong), Gloom, Boom and Doom Report by Dr Marc Faber, the Royal Geographical Society (The Globe), Zetland Hall (annual calendar), India Capital Fund (financial statements) and many more.

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    • +852 9461 6641

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    • Gabriella Zanzanaini

    • Writer/Editor
    • Editing, Writing
    • Half-Italian, half-Hongkonger, Gabriella recently undertook an overland journey back to HK after many years abroad. Previously working on EU policy and human rights, she now runs programmes to advance women leaders at The Women's Foundation. With a deep love for her city, she also writes stories about its people, food and culture for magazines.

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