About Us

WiPS operates on the belief that knowledge is power and that a group can maximize an individual’s potential. Continued education, idea-sharing and mentoring are critical to our mission of promoting the success of women in all areas of publishing.

Established in Hong Kong in 1990, WiPS brings together a dynamic group of publishing professionals working in all fields related to writing, journalism, photography, advertising, design, public relations, electronic and print publishing, television, radio and other media.

Our Facebook community makes it easy to network, keep up with new trends and issues, and exchange information about job opportunities.

WiPS also holds regular events and discussions on a wide range of topics, such as: secrets of self-publishing; developments in the English language; self-employment tax issues; travel writing; the ins and outs of preparing book reviews; editorial challenges; writing for magazines; legal and copyright issues; the art of interviewing and writing profiles; poets sharing their survival secrets; and professional development courses.

Our Committee

Position Name
Committee Member | Imprint Editor Carol Dyer
Committee Member Lesley Hobbs
Committee Member Gillian Kew
Committee Member Rinkoo Ramchandani
Committee Member | Membership Secretary | Treasurer Polly Yu