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Bhakti Mathur

The 13th book in the “Amma Tell Me” series, Amma Tell Me About The Avatars of Vishnu!, is the story of Vishnu, the Hindu deity tasked with preserving creation, and the first of his of nine avatars. Amma narrates the story of a period in antiquity when earth is rife with corruption and evil and on the brink of an apocalypse and how Vishnu in the form of Matsya, the fish, befriends Manu, a noble king, and assigns him to saving creation. Will they succeed in their mission? To find out, read more.

Written in rhyme with colourful illustrations, the book is for children in the 3–8-year age group.
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Carol Dyer

Ray Cordeiro rose from humble beginnings to become a giant in the music industry. His passion for popular music, especially of the 1930s to 1960s, brought enormous pleasure to millions over the airwaves for more than 50 years. His daily late-night show had almost a cult following among Hong Kong people, here and overseas.

More than a story of one man, this book documents the history of the music scene in Hong Kong from the inception of radio broadcasting in 1929 to the present day, charting the success of many local celebrities whose stardom was helped by “Uncle Ray”. He retired at age 96 in May 2021.

Carol Dyer was the title’s project consultant and editor.

Daniela Alam

Popcorn loving Mona and ten-year-old Garnett are best friends who are always together. When Garnett tells Mona that like a zebra he has to migrate, he sends her on one final adventure. Mona knows that zebras return when the rains stop but how will she manage until she sees her friend again?

Written for children in the three–eight-year-old range, When the Rains Stop covers topics such as migration and friendship. With so many families coming and going, children in Hong Kong can easily relate to the story.

Elsie Sze

As a former republic of the Soviet Union, Central Asia’s Kazakhstan is an unusual backdrop for English language fiction. But, interestingly, that is where Elsie Sze has set her fourth and latest novel, Sea Fever, a mystery thriller.

After 15 years of travelling to what is the ninth largest country in the world and getting to know and love the land and its people, Elsie felt she owed them a story.

Kazakhstan’s inland Aral Sea was once the world’s fourth biggest but has become desiccated as the result of an unparalleled man-made environmental disaster.

In Sea Fever, dark intrigue besieges this shrinking expanse of water.

Sea Fever is now an Amazon Bestseller.

Publication date: 26 September 2022
ISBN 978-1-63299-588-9; ISBN 978-1-63299-588-6 (eBook)
River Grove Books, an imprint of Greenleaf Book Group, Austin, TX

Fiona So

In our tumultuous and polarized times, understanding and addressing our cognitive biases is crucial. Before we embark on a journey of self-improvement, we must first recognize the forces that shape our choices. “Shackled” ventures into the complex mechanisms of the mind, illuminating the neuroscience behind our biases. Drawing from concepts such as the Bayesian Brain Hypothesis, neural plasticity and the role of neurotransmitters, the book reveals how our biological makeup is intricately wired to hinder our judgment.

But it is not just about the problem – “Shackled” is about the solution. Through practical strategies it equips us to break free from our instinctual restraints, empowering us to new and enlightened approaches.


Geanette YH Young

When people talk of horses, no one ever thinks of China. China has never won any medals in equestrian events or produced any elite horses. Despite this, horses have played an essential role in many different facets of the development of the Chinese nation.

This book, through showcasing the chronicled history of China’s horses, equine art, equine sports, horse breeds and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, reveals the philosophy and wisdom of Chinese civilization.

However, while the world’s fastest distance-running quadruped has undoubtedly helped historically to build the country, the question now is: how will China help to build the future for this steadfast animal which has served it so well?

Genevieve Hilton

What will it take to fix the climate crisis? Fairhaven – A Novel of Climate Optimism (Habitat Press UK), a winner in the Green Stories contest, written under the name Jan Lee, follows the path of Grace Chan, born in Malaysia. She has experienced the consequences of climate change personally and is taking action. Her story explores the implications, both at the global scale and on a deeply personal level, of our common dilemma and the possibilities that are open to us. Unlike most ‘cli fi’ novels, which present apocalyptic scenarios for the future, Fairhaven envisions in an engrossing, readily accessible story for general readers a path to hope.

Gillian Bickley | Luisa Ternau

Luisa Ternau’s translation of Gillian Bickley’s poetry, selected by Verner Bickley, Avvistamenti, pensieri e sentimenti (Proverse Hong Kong;, is available bilingually (English/Italian) as well as in a stand-alone Italian edition. Paperback and ebook editions of each are available from Amazon. Gillian’s previous poetry collections are: For the Record (2003), Moving House (2005), Sightings (2007), China Suite (2009) and Perceptions (2012). A different selection appeared as Over the Years (2017). Luisa was a 3rd-prize winner in the inaugural International Proverse Poetry Prize competition and her poems appear in four Proverse Poetry Prize anthologies, the Mingled Voices series.

Heather Diamond

When an American woman in her forties meets her Chinese husband-to-be, she has no idea how much love will upend her life. Moving from Texas to Hawaii requires a midlife reinvention. It does not, however, prepare her for immersion into her new Chinese family. When the couple moves to the Hong Kong island of Cheung Chau, she finds herself charmed by family traditions and community rituals but challenged by the language barrier, the lack of privacy, and way more family togetherness than she is used to. Will she resist or adapt? Rabbit in the Moon is an honest and often humorous look at intercultural marriage, the importance of family, and finding the courage to follow your dreams.

Irene Bennett

Winner of the 2022 International Proverse Prize, Battle of the Artisans, Irene Bennett’s well-researched historical novel for teens and young adults, tells the first, and quite plausible, creative fiction story of the Bells of Marquis Yi, a Chinese national treasure. Artistic Tangtun in 5th century BCE China crosses wits with powerful men to discover new abilities that rock his Bronze-Age world. What will matter most, his artistic skills, his father’s might, or their realizing the strength of acting together? A rip-roaring adventure highlighting for students the significance of Chinese culture and background of its people.


Ritu Hemnani

“Why do people migrate?” Nadia asks her grandparents one evening. Their answer takes Anoushka, Nadia and Tarun on a journey back in time to Sindh (now Pakistan), through the story of best friends Gope and Meera following India’s independence in 1947. Soon they learn that India has been split into two and realize they are now living on the wrong side of the border. As refugees, their lives are turned upside down and they are separated forever… or so it would seem.

Beautiful and heartwarming, Gope and Meera is a tale about a cherished homeland reluctantly left behind and why the Hindu Sindhi community is scattered across the world today.

Robyn Flemming

We all emerge into adulthood bent out of shape to a lesser or greater degree by our experiences as children. The rest of our life’s story is the result of our own doing. But we can change course at any time. Whatever has us in its grip, it’s never too late to make a new path to a different future.

SKINFUL: A Memoir of Addiction is structured around four turning points. Each of these was an opportunity to ask: Who am I? What life do I want to live? Published in January 2022, this heart-warming, sometimes heart-wrenching, memoir sends a strong message of hope. Each one of us can take a hero’s journey.  (Lantern Publishing Ltd, UK)  (Brio Books, Australia)

Sally Grace Bunker

Hong Kong possesses an impressively diverse tree flora with 390 native species. This book celebrates the incredible diversity, beauty and biology of the territory’s trees, highlighting over 100 important species that are individually illustrated in exquisitely detailed watercolour paintings. Sally Grace Bunker is an acclaimed botanical artist and Fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists. The illustrations are accompanied by text that teases out interesting narratives for each species, ranging from the history of global exploration and scientific discoveries, their ecology and biology, the ways in which they have been utilised and their cultural associations.

Published by Earnshaw Books, Shanghai
Hardback available in local bookshops
Softback available on Amazon

Sue Dockstader

The Adventures of Henry the Field Mouse books revolve around Henry, an amiable field mouse who befriends a family of mice and embarks on a series of escapades exploring the English countryside. While not intentionally educational, 3 to 7-year-olds will learn a little about the appearance and habitats of different animals and see how they can all be friends, even though they don’t look the same. The realistic illustrations will spark the imagination of young readers as in each chapter Henry and his pals encounter climbing, swimming and burrowing friends.

Sue Dockstader is the editor and publisher of this series, written for her kids by her mother when she moved to Hong Kong.

Suzanne Andrews

Meet Nita McPhee, the spitfire heroine of this earth-shaking, genre-defying funny life skills storybook, especially for women.

Nita leaves a corporate lifestyle and takes the plunge, beginning an entire series of worldwide adventures. Queen of the Pawpaws will inspire teenage girls and adult women to get comfortable with challenges and fear, “to investigate the big, big world of unknown proportions and lovely distortions and wild, full-of-freedom portions of happiness”.

Queen of the Pawpaws is the first book in the Nita’s Adventures series where Nita must deal with all sorts of encounters, including The Popsneech (self-doubt), Smefale Twitches and some ghostly and earthly romance!
IG: nitasworldbooks


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