What is Libel? How Not to be Sued

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Whether your words appear in a novel, newspaper or tweet, they carry the risk of a libel lawsuit. Learn how to navigate the law of defamation, from basic definitions to your best line of defence. This is a pragmatic talk to prevent writers from being sued, outlining the classic traps and pitfalls while also hearing about other legal aspects of publishing, including privacy, official secrets, the right to be forgotten and freedom of information.

Jane Moir worked as a journalist for 16 years in the UK and Hong Kong, including 11 years at the South China Morning Post where she dealt with many libel threats and anxious publishers. She then switched careers to become a barrister and her focus is now on the litigation process itself. Her talk will approach libel from a writer’s perspective with the aim of arming you with some basic knowledge of the law, the risks and likely outcomes. 


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