Thanks to all who joined us at the end of June for the launch of our new website and for their thoughtful input. We are grateful to Maarten Swemmer of Apprique who built the website for us and to Elise for working with him. Elise will look after our website going forward.

We are proud to present the new WiPS website for your perusal. The new website will soon appear under our original web address. Please click through and take a look. Do remember that the website has only just gone live and is still a work in progress.

Website Highlights
The new website has a larger, clearer font, less clutter, and is easier to navigate. It allows for online sign-ups and payment for events and membership, making it an easier task for Polly Yu, who kindly manages all our admin.

Imprint and the Student Short Story Competition have space to share our work as well providing basic information about each. Soon submissions for both will be accepted online through the website.

We’ll be able to share our News on its own page on the website. We will still email our newsletter as usual but the information will also have a home here.

There is page for our Events where we can sign up and pay in advance for upcoming events and where we can also keep a record of our past events.

The Members’ Directory also remains with the same search function as before. Hopefully this will work more effectively to promote the skills of our members. This page has not yet gone live.

Every page has a button to share it on your social media, so if there’s something you like, please do share it.

We will also be using dedicated email addresses for Imprint:, and the Student Short Story Competition: