Each month we feature an introduction to one of our members. This month we hear from Brooke Hardwick.

Brooke Hardwick: Living the Write Life

My life in literature began in 1998 as a high school English teacher in Australia. In the subsequent decades I taught and travelled the world. From Catholic schools in Glasgow to Agricultural schools in Queensland, Co-operative schools in London and Government schools in Hong Kong; my career has been colourful and varied.

Although my formal education is in teaching, my identity is that of a writer. I claim it as fiercely as I claim life. At twelve, my first book was a thinly disguised autobiography of a heroine who faces an identity crisis when her hair is steamrollered (literally). Since then, thankfully, my writing has evolved.

In 2014, after a transformative experience under a Balinese waterfall, I established my blog: TheWriteLife. The rather meta tag line best sums it up: Plundering life, writing about it, writing about writing about it. Attached to my blog is a Facebook page of the same name. Those who belong are, like me, in pursuit of a life enriched by literature. It has become wildly popular and both feeds and promotes my own writing.

Recently, I completed a work of literary fiction. It has been four years in development and was written in Parisian bookstores, Roman libraries, Philippine jungles, Chiang Mai cafes and on Greek Islands, to name a few. Its creation has been joyful and a genuine product of living the write life.

Long term, I plan to take the model of a retreat I facilitated in Bali to the world. I see myself running creative residencies in a wisteria-draped villa on the hills beyond Florence. Whatever I do, I know that it will only ever be write.

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