About Polly Yu

Polly provides rapid and efficient layout and design with competitive rates. Her major clients include the Hong Kong Gardening Society (The Gardener Hong Kong), Gloom, Boom and Doom Report by Dr Marc Faber, the Royal Geographical Society (The Globe), Zetland Hall (annual calendar), India Capital Fund (financial statements) and many more.

Proverse Prize

Founded by HKWIPS member, Gillian Bickley, and her husband, Verner Bickley, the International Proverse Prizes for writing submitted in English and previously unpublished in English (may be in translation), close for entry on 30 June 1962. The Proverse Prize for single-author book-length non-fiction, fiction, or poetry (now in its 10th year) offers a cash prize and publication. The Proverse Poetry Prize for single poems (this is its fourth edition) offers cash prizes [...]

Timeless Verdant

By Karis Ng   Click, Clack... Mother rushed down the stairs, smoothing out her hair as she went. Cassie’s thoughts were interrupted as her mother grabbed her phone and office card, complaining, “Gosh, I never understood paperwork, it just keeps coming. Shoot, I’m going to miss the early train to work…” thirteen-year-old Cassie sat back up straight, rubbing her eyes. She wiped off the tear that was ever-so-slowly rolling down her warm [...]

Voluntary Orbit

By Jocelyn Cheung   When I first met you, I thought you were a ghost. Your silhouette blended into the lush green foliage, your figure hidden between the trees. You stood so incredibly shock-still that I almost missed you, and when I did I did not think of you as a mere person – your skin was so pale that it reminded me faintly of snow and alabaster. Your aquiline eyes were [...]