By Suzanne Andrews

WiPS inaugural ‘Informal Get-together’ was held in SoHo’s Club 71, which nestles among trees alongside a romantic French restaurant. Dressed for chilly weather and perching themselves like pretty pigeons inside the cosy little bar with its colourful walls were ladies of words, many words of course, since women do like a good chat. And a love of words, written, spoken, shared and gloriously arranged on a page like Imprint, was their common ground. It was their pride and joy and they discussed it a lot. They could discuss whatever they wanted, knowing someone would listen, since all these women were members of WiPS. And Imprint was their very own anthology. There’s nothing like a strong sense of pride to create a great deal of purpose and an excuse to socialize.

After the fright over the summer break of the potential closure of the society, it really was wonderful to have this opportunity to drink and mingle and keep it all going. WiPS has planned five main events for the next 12 months and these social nights complement the more organized affairs perfectly. Over 30 people attended the last event and a further 30 or more have registered for Truth & Memoir, which is next Tuesday, 10 December, in the FCC. Please join us if you can.

This first official social gathering is a beginning. Beginnings develop into plots and more good times, like the next monthly ‘Informal Get-together’ scheduled for 7 January. Initiated by committee member Jo Farrell, this monthly catch-up requires minimal preparation and you’ll find any effort to get there well worth it. We’d love you to join us next time!

Date: 7 January 2020, 6:30-9:30pm – same place, Basement, Club 71, 67 Hollywood Road (a small alley off Hollywood Road behind SOHO 69 – by Pak Tsz Lane Park)