Founded by HKWIPS member, Gillian Bickley, and her husband, Verner Bickley, the International Proverse Prizes for writing submitted in English and previously unpublished in English (may be in translation), close for entry on 30 June 1962. The Proverse Prize for single-author book-length non-fiction, fiction, or poetry (now in its 10th year) offers a cash prize and publication. The Proverse Poetry Prize for single poems (this is its fourth edition) offers cash prizes and anthology publication.
Full details and entry documents are available from the Proverse website:
Entry is available through the online submissions manager,

Members and former members of HKWIPS have already had books published as a result of entering for the Proverse Prize and have been place-winners and/or have also had their work included in the Proverse Poetry Prize anthologies.

For those who are at least 18 years old. Otherwise, entry is open to all, whatever their place of birth, residence, nationality or citizenship. New, emerging and experienced writers are all warmly invited to participate.