Hello Dear Members!

Frosty the Snowman has a smile on his face and seems very happy indeed to have been invited to join our committee, as we wish you all a safe and joyous Christmas.

It’s been a blizzard of a year to say the least. That may be okay for snowmen and women, but it’s been a huge challenge for many. While some members have left Hong Kong and returned to their country of origin, most of us have been forced to make adjustments, both here and abroad.

To quote author Elizabeth Gilbert, “Resilience is our shared genetic inheritance.” In a TED Connect virtual conversation, hosted by Chris Anderson and Helen Walters, Liz offers hope and understanding around the anxiety and fears synonymous with the coronavirus pandemic. Her message to us all is that we must be kind and compassionate to ourselves – yes, ourselves. Do not be so hard on yourself. The human spirit is such that somehow out of nothing, we find solutions. Our resourcefulness and incredible ability to adapt immediately is our strength. Do have a listen to this talk; it is most uplifting, especially with Christmas not far away. 

In October 2019, the sum of HK$50,000 was gifted to us by an anonymous WiPS member, to whom we are most grateful. This incredibly generous donation has been used to increase our social media presence. We tried our best to have the Imprint 19 launch and even a Christmas party, but Covid pounced and we could not proceed. Turning instead to the Cloud and all that is safe in the virtual world, social media facilitated more promotion of your talents. On Facebook, Polly has been posting Taster of the Week every four days. These are excerpts from individual Imprint 19 contributions. Kay Ross has been posting many informative and deliciously interesting posts on our Facebook page for most of this year. We are most appreciative of her contribution and dedication to our social media growth. Under the Members’ section on our website, we now have seven Woman at Work pieces and seven Showcase contributions. Please do check these out and contact us if you would like to participate.

Now we are podcasting! Suzanne Harrison was the very first to be interviewed on her pacey and vibrant Hong Kong thriller, The Colour of Thunder. This is to be released on 1 February 2021. Sarah Brennan, author of the best-selling Chinese Calendar Tales along with the Dirty Story series and Storm Whale, was our second podcast guest. These podcasts are uploaded to our website and on Facebook. There will be at least one podcast per month.

Our next issue of Imprint

The offer to extend the deadline of submissions to Imprint 20 was gratefully taken up by several members who had missed the earlier date. This has ensured that we will have a healthy and eclectic mix of submissions for our next anthology. We will watch how things unfold in 2021 and do our best to hold a proper launch.

Carol asks those members who have still to send their pieces to let her know their status (caroldyer@netvigator.com).

And if you are looking for last-minute Christmas gifts, why not consider buying copies of Imprint 19? The book makes an interesting and inexpensive present. Please see the WiPS Home Page for “Where to Find Imprint”.

While some of you will be Zooming and others will be with family and likely a reduced group gathering, I send very best Christmas wishes on behalf of the committee to you all. May you find joy in the presence of those who matter most.

December 2020