After a career in the UK, which included the civil service, Macmillan Publishers and KPMG, Sarah relocated to Hong Kong in 1992. She worked initially as a copywriter and proofreader for an electronics firm manufacturing BT telephones (writing the manuals and testing the phones). This was followed by an assortment of freelance jobs including with Ink Publishing working on Oasis Hong Kong Airline in-flight magazine, a hugely enjoyable experience as it involved writing about food and entertainment in business class. With the closure of Oasis, Sarah completed a teaching qualification which led to a bizarre NET teacher experience on day one when a range of coloured chalks and a duster were included with the manual!

For many years now, Sarah has worked at HKUST, first as a research assistant working with MBA students and co-editing a couple of research papers included in Global Electronic Commerce: Theory and Case Studies (MIT Press, 1999). When that contract ended, a chance meeting at a WiPS event led to a successful application for a communication tutor position in the School of Engineering, where she remains.

Sarah’s main focus is with UG and PG students, as well as editing papers for faculty. Students typically take IELTS and TOEFL exams in their final year at HKUST and preparation for these also falls within her job specification. Additionally, she assists with improving interview skills, and this year, having become familiar with Zoom, is more easily able to liaise with students and offer various courses.

Joining WiPS has provided Sarah with a wonderful connection to her earlier publishing experience at Macmillan as well as friendships and shared interests.