Dear Members,

Spring is in the air! Despite Covid’s stubborn presence around our globe, we in Hong Kong are fortunate to have access to nature, trails and trekking over mountains, and to our many malls. What would Hong Kong be without its malls!

Typical Chinese New Year Hong Kong festive flair brings colour in abundance. Life-sized M&M’s and even Lulu the Pig delight the children along with cute little oxen. Peach blossom displays and flowers shock the senses into and out of all things sensible. Perched above heads of thousands are the pretty red lanterns in rows of regular readiness to please in the breezes brushing past beautiful women in heels. The air is fresh and the humidity low.

It’s holiday season and we encourage you to have a listen to our podcasts when not at work as well as a peek at the Woman at Work and Showcase sections on our website. And please read some more stories in Imprint 19, too.

To our overseas members, our wish is that you remain safe and happy in your own communities, as we all wait patiently for planes to fly us to family and friends again.

On behalf of the committee, I send my very best wishes to you all,