By Gillian Kew

Without wishing to state, or restate, the obvious, we have not had a great year. The dreaded COVID, which I suspect is destined one day to become a profanity whose etymology people will look up in a future version of Google, has put a dampener on many of our usual activities, especially the social, fun ones. But “Cry, Freedom!” and our lovely leader Suzanne Andrews decided that enough was enough and it was time to bring out our glad-rags and party like it was 1992 – or meet for a gathering of minds and wit. Suzanne chose the Dada Bar and Lounge in Tsim Sha Tsui for our first “non-Central” event (cheers from this New Territories lubber), and what a spectacular location. When I entered, my eyes had to adjust to both subtle lighting and riotous décor, with seating that included giant pink lips! It was the perfect choice for our small group to meet, chat, enjoy happy-hour drinks, and share some excellent pizza and truffle fries; simple pleasures that have become rare treats of late.

We chatted about WiPS (of course) and plans for the imminent IMPRINT launch (watch this space), welcomed our newer members, and shared an evening of great conversation and laughter. The bar staff kindly allowed us to poke our heads into the various rooms for hire, presenting us with an extraordinary feast of colour and Dadaesque decoration, functional but deliciously chaotic. Those who knew her, also took time to share memories of our friend Winsome Lane, who recently passed away. An uncompromising former journalist, Winsome was a strong supporter of WiPS and will be sadly missed. This was a wonderful evening of camaraderie, and as it ended, I left with the feeling that the Christmas Spirit had finally arrived.