Elizabeth Vongsaravanh is a Hungarian artist who has lived in Laos for more than two decades. She received a degree in English studies in Hungary after spending two years in Canada out of spite for not getting accepted into art school. 

She kick-started her artistic journey after settling into her new home in Laos, adapting quickly to the unfamiliar environment, culture and traditions, which are manifested and reflected in her pieces. Her works of art, poetry and design are the result of attention to detail both metaphysical and the experimental in a world of her own making. Her artistic expression is a mixed media of emotion, experience and self-examination. 

Stunned by the intricate beauty of hand-woven textiles and silk in Laos, Elizabeth opened Fusion Gallery in 2003. She created her first designs to honour her mother and to define herself, and as she did so, like-minded travellers discovered her shop and connected with pieces that made them feel beautiful. 

In 2009, a venture of passion had her open a bar in Luang Prabang, which is now not only the town’s oldest bar, but to her great pride is listed among the world’s best bars. She believes that everything is personal and that there is always a little magic, even in the darkest of times. 

Her poetry has been shared with many over the years, and her books of poems, “My Mekong Secret” and “Hours of Strange”, will be soon available at her cherished cocktail bar in Luang Prabang, Icon Klub