At age 23, Rinkoo worked briefly for the now defunct Asiaweek magazine, where she received her first byline. Shortly after the publication of her book review of Memoirs of a Geisha, she accepted a job offer from a corporate giant, and like a reliable Gen Xer, she followed the money for the next 22 years.

While sourcing and supply chain served her well throughout her career, in her mid-40s, she decided it was time to pursue a rather different purpose. Rinkoo is now an executive coach and leadership facilitator. At around the same time, she also came home to her writing.

Rinkoo received her MFA (Dist.) from HKU in 2017, and was a recipient of The HKU MFA Threshold Fellowship in 2020 during the course of which she completed her manuscript, Losing Yashoda, a tribute to the life and loss of her beloved mother who died in 2012, and her father whose death followed shortly thereafter.

Recently, Rinkoo was requested to develop a workshop for a global company on the therapeutic benefits of writing. Excited by the prospect of combining corporate training with writing, Rinkoo created a workshop that was very well received, resulting in an invitation to repeat it.

In between coaching clients and delivering workshops, Rinkoo writes personal essays and short stories, and is a volunteer editor for the SPCA. Someday, she will share Losing Yashoda with the rest of the world, but not just yet. She also maintains a blog about personal development and leadership at