Vici Egan is a Canadian who has been teaching overseas since 1983. Her first job was in a bush village in Nigeria, with no electricity or running water. She loved the challenging experience, which involved, at one point, teaching 80 kids in both a half-built building, where they literally climbed the walls, and her garage, where they brought their own rocks to sit on.

Vici has also taught in Mexico, Turkey, Cuba, England, Greece, Canada, Singapore, Beijing and Manila. She arrived in Hong Kong in 2005 and taught at South Island School until ESF’s enforced retirement programme kicked in. Not feeling quite ready to leave Hong Kong, Vici chose to stay and give free-lancing a go: supply teaching, tutoring and proofreading/editing. Of course, this was not the best year (which turned into two!) to stay in one of the most expensive cities in the world, without a steady income. But who could’ve ever predicted the year we’ve had!

Luckily though, a new adventure awaits in July at the Canadian International School in Bangalore.

Vici has completed her travelogue manuscript and is seeking a publisher. It documents some of her many travel stories, as well as frequent near-death experiences, relayed with humour. She is a regular contributor to Imprint and has had several stories published in newspapers and magazines. Vici is grateful to WiPS for the friendships made, the good times had, and the knowledge gleaned at many of the workshops and events attended over the years.