Dear Members!

Happy Year of the Tiger to you all.

By now our local members should have received their copy of Imprint 20 in the post; overseas members will probably still need to wait a while. We are sad to have had to resort to mailing out the anthology again but having deferred this year’s launch twice, we could wait no longer. Social distancing rules could remain as they are for many weeks.

For those of you requiring more copies of Imprint 20, please kindly email [] with the number of copies you need. We will keep you informed as to how these will be collected or posted, with postage paid by the member in this case.

We hope when Imprint did/does arrive, it was/will be a pleasant surprise and that it will provide you with much enjoyable reading!

Imprint 20 Zoom Launch Party
We are thrilled to announce that we will hold an Imprint 20 launch party by Zoom on Saturday, 26 February at 3pm Hong Kong time – chosen so that our early birds and night owls overseas can join us. A flyer will be sent to you shortly and the Zoom link will be emailed before the event. We’re all dressing up – so on the day we will be face to face, mask-less and joyous!

New Committee Members
We are delighted also to announce that Gillian Kew and Rinkoo Ramchandani have recently joined us on the committee. We’re so excited to have you with us, Gillian and Rinkoo, and of course welcome your expertise and enthusiasm!

2022 Membership Renewal
Thank you to those of you who have renewed your membership for this year. The deadline for renewal is 28 February, so please attend to this if you have not emailed us yet. All Showcase, Directory and Women at Work contributions are dependent on membership, so, regretfully, if membership is not renewed, these will be removed from our website.

Upcoming events for 2022
In-person occasions remain difficult to arrange, so this year we are scheduling Zoom events to encourage networking, learning and sharing. After our Imprint launch, we plan to have a post-Imprint Zoom event to share stories we’ve enjoyed from our latest anthology, to comment on the new look of Imprint 20 and to discuss the next issue.

It is also our intention to establish at least one sub-group, which may be a critique group, book club or similar. This group will have regular Zoom events and one member will be asked to co-ordinate this.

We also plan to offer online courses of interest to you all.

We are excited to see as many of you as possible on Saturday, 26 February for our first Zoom of the year. Finally, we can celebrate our beloved anthology!

Very best wishes on behalf of the committee,