Jenette del Mundo started her working life with a multinational company in the Philippines. Although embarked on a career in marketing and attending MBA graduate school, she was tempted by an airline ad on TV into taking a two-year break to “see the world”. Two years became five, five became ten – she eventually gave up counting. It only meant one thing: she wasn’t yet done with flying. The lifestyle allowed her to explore another love: Writing. Juggling the time in between her flights, she wrote for Time-Out Hong Kong, The Asset, Cathay Pacific’s Jetset magazine and Imprint.

At age 23, Jenette was doing what most women her age could probably only dream of. She was flying to major world cities for work and between times exploring far-flung places, learning about exotic cultures and embarking on exciting adventures. She never looked back when she made Hong Kong her home and signed up to be a flight attendant for a major airline. From a homestay in a yurt with a nomadic Mongolian family and trekking in the Himalayas to skiing in the French Alps and diving the Great Barrier Reef, she made every use of her opportunities – and wrote about them.

Jenette officially left the airline at the height of the pandemic; drawn to journalism and the communications industry, she now organizes events and B2B conferences for a media company based in Singapore. She hopes one day to compile a book of her travel stories to encourage other women to “get out there”. Meanwhile, she will continue adventuring!