Karen (Karma) is a self-taught artist. She began painting in 2016 and has since completed more than 200 canvases. Her style reflects her own enthusiasm for life, in rich, often dazzling, colour. Her painting journey developed from the therapeutic to the expressive. Most of her work is abstract and intrinsic: she gives free range to her mind, and only sometimes will finish a piece with conscious touch-ups.

Karen took up painting at a time of emotional upheaval. Unable to give verbal expression to herself and her fears, or to explore the true feelings embedded in her subconscious, she turned to art. Painting became a therapy and gave her a better understanding that however tortured, her inner soul held beauty. As she finished a piece of work, she could look on it with “hope, love and acceptance”. Karen understands that emotional difficulties are a part of life, and she tries through her paintings to bring positive energy to her viewers to remind them there is beauty within us all. She believes “Art is for Sharing Love”.

Karen is a qualified hypnotherapist. What she has learned and practised through hypnotherapy gives her the assurance to convey her feelings in her paintings. She starts work on all her canvases with her hands – literally. The texture of the paint in her fingers somehow encouraging and empowering her to make the next stroke.

Karen promotes her work through the name “Karma, Hypnopainter” and has participated in several international art exhibitions. Her paintings have won awards and been used in book illustration.