Shikha is a jewellery designer and gemologist. She runs her own business in Hong Kong, Shikha S. Lamba Designs. Born in New Delhi, Shikha was drawn early on to being creative, whether in language, photography or art. She started writing poetry in her pre-teens as a hobby. Thankfully, she says, she has matured from rhyming each line and developed her own style in her work of expressing her voice with certainty. Her poems often touch on themes of feminism and social injustice.

Over the years, Shikha has written articles and poetry for various publications in Hong Kong, India and the US. She is passionate about raising awareness through her writing of women’s health and mental health issues, having lived with chronic illness since childhood.

In 2019, Shikha briefly worked as editor for Hong Kong magazine “Beyond the Boundaries” and grew it to new heights and increased readership. That same year she started her own online magazine called “Coffee and Conversations”. Being able to interview authors and artists whose work she finds inspiring is a rewarding thrill.

This busy mum of a fourteen- and ten-year-old, spends her time outside of family running her two businesses, writing poetry, reading and indulging in photography. Currently, she is completing a collection of poems, which she hopes to publish this year.

Shikha admittedly lives a big portion of her life online and can be found on most social media sites for her jewellery, magazine and writing.