By Daniela Alam


“Counting down to our Festive Dinner!” read the WhatsApp group photo caption. Excitement was clearly in the air as WiPS members readied to gather again to celebrate the festive season, an event made impossible during Covid. The Foreign Correspondents’ Club Verandah was the perfect setting for this large and lively group of literary ladies and their books. Green tickets in hand for drinks, Secret Santa gift in tote for swap, and off we were sent to find a seat. Conversations were merry, reunions warm, and introductions a-plenty. One could barely hear the Christmas music playing in the background. Once all had arrived, dinner was swiftly served, and announcements were made – Polly, Rinkoo and Lesley each sharing words of enthusiasm about the programme for next year’s events. Cheers!

What’s a festive dinner without musical chairs? After we’d indulged in our main course, half the table was instructed to swap seats. Every other seat was swapped with some additional swapping and re-swapping as we tried to get it right. More exchanges happened as the goodie bag was passed around, each of us selecting a beautifully wrapped treasure. Further chatting ensued as we gobbled up dessert alongside our new reads. More and more photos were taken as we yelled to the staff, “Zoom in to get the book titles!”

Let the countdown begin to a successful WiPS 2024!