By Lesley Hobbs

In case you hadn’t already heard, Women in Publishing (WiPS) is now a radio star courtesy of RTHK Radio 3! On 5 April 2024, radio producer and presenter Andrew Dembina, who was filling in for Noreen Mir on Brunch with Noreen, devoted most of the second hour of the show to introducing WiPS to a wider listening audience as well as showcasing two submissions from the latest edition of our anthology, Imprint 22.

A big shout out goes out to WiPS members Rinkoo Ramchandani, Natalie Wong and Bhakti Mathur for successfully flying the proverbial banner for and introducing WiPS on air that day! Natalie and Bhakti read from their Imprint 22 submissions and talked to Andrew about their respective writing journeys and inspiration for their pieces, while committee member Rinkoo Ramchandani spoke about WiPS in a broader context to the show’s listeners.

Andrew began the WiPS segment by introducing Imprint 22 to the radio audience and asked Rinkoo to explain how the anthology is organized. They then discussed WiPS’ rationale for including artwork as well as authored pieces in the anthology; the format of our monthly writing workshops; how members can maintain writing momentum throughout the year; and the diversity of our member base.

After Natalie and Bhakti had read out their pieces, they talked to Andrew about their backgrounds, artistic journeys and how, for both, WiPS acts as a support system for creative expression. The show closed with Rinkoo advising listeners on where they can buy copies of Imprint 22 and the submission deadline for Imprint 23, which is 30 September 2024. Rinkoo also shared the WiPS website details and invited women who were involved or interested in writing, publishing and/or the arts to consider joining our society.

If you missed it live, you can listen to the broadcast on the RTHK archive section at You won’t be disappointed!