By Rinkoo Ramchandani


WiPS can add a few more artists to its already talented pool! A small group of us met at the charming La Maison Rose in SoHo on a very wet Saturday afternoon where we learnt basic watercolour techniques from Adele Frankle and painted a delicate bouquet of magnolias, tulips and lotus flowers.

Thanks to Adele’s easy listening playlist and the relentless rain, we quickly tuned out the world and sipped our tea as we happily dabbled with paints for three hours. Halfway through, we paused to toast a very happy birthday to Sarah Cook over Prosecco and cupcakes and shared information about the next workshops.

If we’ve tempted you to try your hand at watercolours, here’s a pro tip: don’t place your cup of tea right next to your cup of dirty rinsing water!

“That was the first art class I’ve been to for 50 years! I have always considered myself supremely talentless in this field, and so was pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually create something with a paint brush!” – Gillian Kew