Dear Members,

Ahh, Hong Kong summers! We know Shakespeare wasn’t referring to these when he penned the line “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” As the weather ranges from far too hot to far too humid or wet in “Home Kong”, those of us not travelling are sheltering in our cool apartments updating our summer TBRs with new releases, or drafting our Imprint 23 submissions. If you’d like to do something more social, please join us at the Yidi Art Gallery later this month for a talk on Takuto Kadokura. And to all our friends escaping the city for the summer, we look forward to seeing you back! Safe travels!

Speaking of movement in and out of Hong Kong, we say good-bye in this newsletter to committee member Lesley Hobbs as she departs for the UK and we welcome Holly Sykes into the fold!

Thank you, Lesley!
Lesley Hobbs hit the ground running eighteen months ago when she joined WiPS as a committee member. Lesley made her mark with a legal event covering the copyrights of writers and quickly became a star as the indignant writer of a reimagined fairytale at the Imprint 21 launch. Whether she’s writing tongue-in-cheek IG copy or playing a stoic teen out to save the world from itself, Lesley’s sassy Yorkshire wit is one of the many things we’ll miss about her. So, thank you, Ms Hobbs, for your service to Women in Publishing Hong Kong. We wish you the very best as you relocate yourself, your beagle and two cats to the UK and hope you’ll still join us for the odd Zoom event from Old Blighty.

And welcome, Holly!
Our new WiPS committee member Holly Sykes relocated to Hong Kong with her family in 2021 after having taught English in UK secondary schools for fifteen years. A writer of short stories and longer fiction, she was browsing the shelves at Hong Kong Central Library one day and discovered a copy of Imprint. After reading the “fabulous stories inside”, she promptly signed up to WiPS. A year later, she says she is thrilled to be joining “its fantastic committee”.


Gallery Visit & Dinner
Palais Ideal Du Pot – The Artwork of Takuto Kadokura
Tuesday, 16 July 2024, 6pm
We are very much looking forward to our private tour of contemporary Japanese artist Takuto Kadokura’s exhibition at Yidi Art. The exhibition of enigmatic and unique works, with their eye-catching and vibrant colour combinations and bold compositions, will capture the imagination and invite interpretation. Gallery owner Edith Pong will introduce the tour, then Canadian-trained visual artist and curator Darius Yeung will guide us through the artwork. This will be followed by an optional supper (self-paid) nearby.

See flyer [] or email with enquiries and to learn more about the exhibition, artist and gallery.

Publishing Advice from a Life-writing Panel
We may be writing directly from life or using our experiences as a basis for our fiction, but one way or another real life will almost certainly inform our writing. Hear how three published authors use their chosen genres to write about their lives and heritage. Memoirist Sonia Leung (The Girl Who Dreamed), YA verse writer Ritu Hemnani (Lion of the Sky) and contributor to the Barren Rock anthology Susan Lavender will form our panel of knowledgeable speakers. The event will take place on 16 October. More information to follow.

To register for all our events, please go to:


WiPS Monthly Book Club via Zoom
It doesn’t matter if you’re avoiding the blistering heat at home or baking on the beach, we have some great book selections to tempt you! Our next title is Diamond Hill by Kit Fan and will be under the spotlight on 29 July at 7pm.

In August, we will follow this local tale with Min Jin’s epic historical novel, Pachinko, set in Korea and Japan. Our third book for this run, in September, will be Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan, a powerful historical fiction that tackles the shameful history of the Magdalene Laundries, often the only hope but also a living hell for young pregnant women in Ireland. Please join us as we explore three very different works of literature!

Writing Workshop
Recently, Gillian Kew met a book club regular for the first time in the UK. This time Rinkoo Ramchandani, our Writing Workshop facilitator, travelled to Singapore on holiday and met a long-time WiPS member and regular workshop attendee, Bhavani Krishnamurthy, for the first time in-person giving the ladies a chance to discuss all things writing-related! Time and again, Zoom has proven to be the right choice for our monthly meet-ups, allowing us to include overseas and travelling members regularly. The diversity of our member base is not news, yet it says something when you have a Singapore regular, a Vietnam-based newcomer and members dialling in from India, UK, Australia in any given month to get their writing workshopped. So, whether you’re a student on summer break or a published veteran, join us for our monthly Writing Workshop this summer as we increase the number of sessions being offered! In August and September, we will be holding the Writing Workshop twice a month to allow members to get their Imprint 23 submissions reviewed before the September 30 deadline. But as always, we welcome non-members for any of these workshops. Stay tuned for dates!


A Rundown of Activities
If you chose to journey through old China on trains with Thomas Bird or to try your hand at watercolours with Adele Frankel, we know you’ll agree there’s no better way to spend a couple hours than in good company at charming (and blissfully cool) venues tucked away from the bustle of the city. We also had a great turnout at the Hong Kong Fringe Club in June, where two of our members got up on stage and shared stories of their Turning Points, a show put on by Hong Kong Stories. Bravo, Genevieve and Daniela! Meanwhile, the Book Club and Writing Workshops have continued to be well-attended in the lead-up to the summer holidays with the latter being fully booked each month within days of its announcement. And what better time to read and write than in the summer when it’s too hot to do anything outdoors!


New Members
A warm welcome to our five new members who have joined since April: Maria Chaudhuri, Iris Deng, Kerri-Mariah Durham, Jervina Lao and Candice Morris.

Imprint 23
The deadline for members’ submissions to our next issue of Imprint is 30 September 2024 for a planned launch at the HKILF in early March 2025. Please start writing or refining your best work! We ask members kindly to respect the deadline. If you would like to submit work early, we will be pleased to receive it. If you are sending more than one poem, please do so in one file with a collective title. We can accommodate up to only 120 lines (including stanza breaks) in the section from each poet, especially if you are also submitting prose and/or artwork. Please see https// for other guidelines and note that we will NOT accept work that has been composed with an AI assistant.

With our best wishes
Your WiPS Committee