Timeless Verdant

By Karis Ng


Click, Clack… Mother rushed down the stairs, smoothing out her hair as she went. Cassie’s thoughts were interrupted as her mother grabbed her phone and office card, complaining, “Gosh, I never understood paperwork, it just keeps coming. Shoot, I’m going to miss the early train to work…” thirteen-year-old Cassie sat back up straight, rubbing her eyes. She wiped off the tear that was ever-so-slowly rolling down her warm cheek. Her […]

Voluntary Orbit

By Jocelyn Cheung


When I first met you, I thought you were a ghost.

Your silhouette blended into the lush green foliage, your figure hidden between the trees. You stood so incredibly shock-still that I almost missed you, and when I did I did not think of you as a mere person – your skin was so pale that it reminded me faintly of snow and alabaster. Your aquiline eyes were watchful and alert […]

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

By Queena Lau


Look around, what do you see that’s green? The trees, that meadow of grass yonder, the turquoise water rushing along the river bank? Are these all you can see? Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. Look into your wallet. You smell that? That’s the enchanting aroma of crisp, green dollar bills; turn on the television, Green Arrow saves the city in his green hood; Joker’s green hair dances […]

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